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Field Book Entry #10

I think one of the biggest things I saw in the comic is actually one of the parallels we saw in the screening which was the morality of “heroes” just being a disguise for controlling the civilians. We see one of the first instances when the owl and punch line are in the city tryingContinue reading “Field Book Entry #10”

Field Book Entry #9

I knew basically zero information about the Watchmen prior to this unit. When it was explained what the story was at its core I’ve been expecting there to be a lot of commentary on the superhero identity or at least a parody on superhero tropes. I think its good to see these stories with aContinue reading “Field Book Entry #9”

Field Book Entry 8

Captain Marvel has to be one of my favorite superhero movies. Having a physically powerful female protagonist who is not easily swayed in the face of danger. Though one thing I do know about this film is how unpopular it was among Marvel fans. While I get the backlash with diehard cookiecutter fans, how canContinue reading “Field Book Entry 8”

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