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Field book Entry 7

After our small group discussion, I felt confident that my peers were able to make connections on a deeper level with the Black Panther materials. Though I personally struggled being able to make a good point that wasn’t already covered in a more meaningful way. I’m glad though that even though I was struggling IContinue reading “Field book Entry 7”

Field Book Entry 6

In Black Panther one of the big moments in the movie is the parallel/ foil between T’challa and Killmonger. T’challa’s first appearance in Captain America: Civil War showed us the relationship between him and his father in the short screen time they had together. A big thing to note is that in that movie T’challa,Continue reading “Field Book Entry 6”

Field Book Entry #5

When I heard about the New Warriors I didn’t really know about the extent of the scandal other than people saying it was awful. After reading about its characters, contents, and intents I could absolutely see why it was an awful attempt at creating a new generation of young superheroes. It’s kind of unbelievable howContinue reading “Field Book Entry #5”

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