Field Book Entry #1

What does Transmedia mean? By definition Transmedia is a type of storytelling allowing the story to be told over multiple digital platforms. Whether this platform is a social media site or a device like a T.V. or your phone. Even the story being told isn’t what you expect it could be a movie, web comic, even a story you hear over the radio. As artists especially we experience this on a daily basis not only as the audience of this media but also creators. In fact one of my classes deals with sequential storytelling like comics, and one of the exercises we did was to create multiple short comics but everyone did a different panel for each comic. And this was all done online, with the finished product being these crazy funny short stories we had all contributed to. With the pandemic even Transmedia is more used than ever before, and already in recent years with all these technology and social media booms we have been very connected. And now to keep busy, entertained and up to date we use Transmedia to accomplish that. Now it’s not a question of how we use Transmedia it’s the question of what we use. 

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