Field Book Entry #3

Prompt 1

After reading  “Miles Morales Straight out of Brooklyn” I felt Miles became more well rounded. As opposed to movie Miles, comic Miles is a lot more forthcoming with a lot of people in his life. Namely that he told his parents that he was spider man.Though he is still able to admit when he doesn’t know how to be truthful, he wants to be real with his friends Judge and Barabara. I also felt it was good to show Miles kind of struggling to balance his work life balance. Even showing how post battles affects him by having too much adrenaline to sleep.  Ultimately I think the best message is towards the end when Miles sees a little girl in line with her mother to get a warm meal. He says “I am Miles Morales, Spiderman. And I have never been more sure of my power. But I’ve never been more confused about my responsibility.” I think this shines a bright light on some of the things that Miles becomes conflicted with. When you have the physical ability to stop a supervillain how do you use it to help people. At least that’s how I read that last segment. 

Prompt 2

I see a lot of people deconstructing Miles’ character and what drives him and what makes him question. I guess something I would want to know a bit more about is their any aspect about Miles that seems to get overshadowed?

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