Field Book Entry #4

Prompt 1:

Our group discussion went pretty well. I feel we were able to dissect every aspect of the question of “Who is Miles Morales?” It was pretty refreshing to have these discussions, as I felt they helped solidify our ideas we hadn’t yet been able to explore. I think we had almost explored all of the material we were present in class, and I don’t think there was anything we had missed.

Prompt 2:

For my Project I’m just trying to convey how Miles represents younger  generations. When talking about it in the discussion I’m positive that a lot of my peers are covering similar topics or at the very least intersecting topics. I used most of my research from the Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse & Miles Morales: Spider-man. I think when you view the source material yourself rather than reading a review, which I’m by no means trying to bash articles already written, you are able to come to your own conclusions. Right now my draft is finished, though I haven’t had any peers review it yet. Though I noticed a lot of my classmates have similar topics, so it’ll be nice to have people understand my essay and have good fixes for any errors in it. I’ve learned that for next time I will definitely plan out the structure better for my next essay.

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