Field Book Entry #5

When I heard about the New Warriors I didn’t really know about the extent of the scandal other than people saying it was awful. After reading about its characters, contents, and intents I could absolutely see why it was an awful attempt at creating a new generation of young superheroes. It’s kind of unbelievable how lazy the writing and creation of these characters were, considering how much research, rewriting, and redesigning goes into well anything. There are a million different ways to have created these characters, I went and checked out the writer on twitter and it was pretty clear from his political leanings how out of touch he was with the audience he was creating for. Getting into the characters for the most part their physical designs are okay (except for one) but they leave a lot to be desired. Screen Time getting his powers from internet gas? That is extremely lazy writing of giving a character a cool power of being able to mentally connect to the internet. I think for the most part most of these characters were given one defining trait and that is what their whole character represented lacking an actual personality. The most problematic characters are Snowflake and Safespace, considering the connotations of those words no self respecting kid would name themselves that ironically. Especially Snowflake, considering their literal introduction was that they are non-binary and thats it. With as little representation of LGBT+ and especially deciding to have a non-binary character and not taking the opportunity of using their artistic liberty to give them a better design. Honestly having twin superheroes giving them mirroring powers but bland designs to push the fact that they are twins is lazy, I really don’t know how many siblings would actually have the same taste and style. Also the pose they are put in that cover/promotional art is borderline sensual and gross. The more I debate in my head about whether the writer knew exactly what he was doing or he genuinely thought these characters were okay, the more unsure I become. Though the worst of this to come out of the disaster is the fans. I had a good idea of what I wanted to write for this entry but wanted to have more knowledge and see other reviews fans had of it. AND IT WAS AWFUL! Of course everyone that these characters were meant to represent were mad and offended but other fans took this opportunity to be racist, fat shame, homophobic, and complain about forced diversity and using the excuse of the awful characters. The best way to fix these characters is to have artists and writers who best represent that character, also giving the characters personality traits would definitely go a long way. Even better is to interview fans of what they would like to see in new characters.

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