Field Book Entry 8

Captain Marvel has to be one of my favorite superhero movies. Having a physically powerful female protagonist who is not easily swayed in the face of danger. Though one thing I do know about this film is how unpopular it was among Marvel fans. While I get the backlash with diehard cookiecutter fans, how can a woman be strong?! I’ve also seen a lot of people talk about how military centric this movie is and I agree. But so is every other Marvel movie, and probably even more so. In the movie Carol never talks about how her being in the air force is for her love of her country, and the writing never presents that either. It’s more like Carol who has had to prove for most of her life that she is just as strong as anyone else, and the thing is this is normal for Carol. In fact the movie presents this strange patriotism in the time of her being in the Kree Starforce, she believes she was on the right side. Though when that view is challenged ever so slightly this false sense of reality begins to crumble. This is told through the struggle of the skrull who first presented as the antagonist turns out to be the catalyst of Carol’s realization about the Kree. The Skrulls in reality are just innocent people trying to survive and keep their families and culture intact. (Also a side note she doesn’t use the presence of misogyny and sexism as a crutch, she barely dwells on it in her flashbacks.) What I really love about this movie is that it is set in a time when a female protagonist is written to do the following in the presence of danger: Run-Struggle-Survive-Win. While I love a last stand when all hope seems lost they win in the end, I am so tired of it being that formula with the actress at the end beaten, bloody and half naked, having barely survived the ordeal. Whereas with Carol she doesn’t back down from a fight, she doesn’t run either. Yes she struggles but she doesn’t even realize the struggle is a result of some kind of power inhibitor. When she is able to break free of the control she is able to literally and figuratively embrace every part of herself and save the day.

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