Field Book Entry #9

I knew basically zero information about the Watchmen prior to this unit. When it was explained what the story was at its core I’ve been expecting there to be a lot of commentary on the superhero identity or at least a parody on superhero tropes. I think its good to see these stories with a warped theme of superheroes, even to have a story take place in a post superhero world. To see the repercussions of the hero’s choices and how these mega battles they have don’t just end the fight but they ruin the world around with the violence. After reading what the final project was supposed to be about I had a couple of ideas and unfinished work I had started for superheroes. I didn’t do the workshop because I honestly did not remember we had one, haha. I’m hoping the characters I do have will reflect this class and its themes to challenge superhero media. I tried to write and design them the to be extremely strong individuals with equally powerful limits to their powers.

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