Field Book Entry #10

I think one of the biggest things I saw in the comic is actually one of the parallels we saw in the screening which was the morality of “heroes” just being a disguise for controlling the civilians. We see one of the first instances when the owl and punch line are in the city trying to control the riot, and the Owl asks if they are there for protecting the people then what are they protecting them from. During this scene the civilians are going up against two deadly and trained individuals who are wearing and outfitted with protective gear, weapons, and a armored vehicle; which they don’t use for the protection or wellbeing of the citizens. In the screening we see Angela Abar (Sister Night) working with the police as a detective. In this universe the police hiding their faces much like current problems we are seeing more and more of in America. In the episodes we watched they ended with Angela finding out things are not as they seem, and the mystery seems to be more twisted with her past than she was led to believe. I think its compelling to see all of these characters in the graphic novel who are labeled as heroes. Which we all universally accept because of unspoken rules of comics. Though we see how truly twisted and messed up everyone is despite their “Superhero” roles. And then the existential crisis when they have to face the reality of what their identity really is.

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