Field book Entry 7

After our small group discussion, I felt confident that my peers were able to make connections on a deeper level with the Black Panther materials. Though I personally struggled being able to make a good point that wasn’t already covered in a more meaningful way. I’m glad though that even though I was struggling IContinue reading “Field book Entry 7”

Field Book Entry 6

In Black Panther one of the big moments in the movie is the parallel/ foil between T’challa and Killmonger. T’challa’s first appearance in Captain America: Civil War showed us the relationship between him and his father in the short screen time they had together. A big thing to note is that in that movie T’challa,Continue reading “Field Book Entry 6”

Field Book Entry #5

When I heard about the New Warriors I didn’t really know about the extent of the scandal other than people saying it was awful. After reading about its characters, contents, and intents I could absolutely see why it was an awful attempt at creating a new generation of young superheroes. It’s kind of unbelievable howContinue reading “Field Book Entry #5”

Field Book Entry #4

Prompt 1: Our group discussion went pretty well. I feel we were able to dissect every aspect of the question of “Who is Miles Morales?” It was pretty refreshing to have these discussions, as I felt they helped solidify our ideas we hadn’t yet been able to explore. I think we had almost explored allContinue reading “Field Book Entry #4”

Field Book Entry #3

Prompt 1 After reading  “Miles Morales Straight out of Brooklyn” I felt Miles became more well rounded. As opposed to movie Miles, comic Miles is a lot more forthcoming with a lot of people in his life. Namely that he told his parents that he was spider man.Though he is still able to admit whenContinue reading “Field Book Entry #3”

Field Book Entry #2

In America’s current climate regarding its police and criminal justice systems how do we make a police presence more digestible in media like comics? It definitely is a tough topic because of how police currently handle problems is inhumane, deadly, violent, and highly unnecessary with communities of color. In comics we have the protagonist, theContinue reading “Field Book Entry #2”

Field Book Entry #1

What does Transmedia mean? By definition Transmedia is a type of storytelling allowing the story to be told over multiple digital platforms. Whether this platform is a social media site or a device like a T.V. or your phone. Even the story being told isn’t what you expect it could be a movie, web comic,Continue reading “Field Book Entry #1”

Today’s Walk

I took a walk today after my Illustration class ended early, I took my backpack with my sketchbook and pencils. I had hoped to find a nice shady spot to sit and sketch. Nothing really peaked my interest to draw though. I just walked along the water until I ended up over by the MAM.Continue reading “Today’s Walk”

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